Learn woodworking skills with the WoodSkills online woodworking course
 The woodworking course features this workbench and hand tools used to learn woodworking through WoodSkills

Do you have an interest in woodworking as a hobby or business?
Want to learn about woodworking joinery, how to use tools?
Is your time limited and you want to get going?

Learn woodworking through our online woodworking course, woodworking classes and plans. The $34.00 woodworking course can be downloaded or available on DVD. The downloadable video lectures include step by step woodworking lessons. Each video lecture guides you through the learning process to develop your woodworking skills. The woodworking course is derived from twenty years of woodworking and furniture making expertise.

WoodSkills helps you to dramatically improve your woodworking and furniture making skills through the woodworking course and woodworking tutorials. The course and tutorials are based on skills developed in a functioning furniture studio and follows a woodworking school curriculum.

Learn about wood selection, joinery, dovetails, power tool skills, machinery skills, hand tool skills and veneering. The knowledge and theory gained from the woodworking course will save you the frustration of learning woodworking on your own and create excellent groundwork for a woodworking career.