• Learn Anywhere

    Learn woodworking from your home computer, tablet, or smartphone. The woodworking video lectures can be followed sequentially or in any order you wish. The lectures can be repeated to reinforce what you have learned. Flexibility in learning allows you to speed your woodworking knowledge. Learning the woodworking basics will accelerate your woodworking learning curve.

  • Save Money

    Save money by selecting the right woodworking tools you need to purchase. You will have an excellent understanding of what tools, equipment and workshop features you need to get started in woodworking. By purchasing only the right woodworking tools and equipment you need, you will save money, allowing you to invest in higher quality tools and woodworking machinery.

  • Eliminate Mistakes

    By following the Woodworking Course or the Start Your Own Woodworking Business Course, you eliminate the mistakes that newbies make when beginning woodworking or starting their first woodworking business. You will learn the importance of wood selection and joinery as well as tool purchases. You will understand how to start and make your new woodworking business successful.

  • Save Time

    The online Woodworking Course allows you to quickly learn critical woodworking concepts. Learn from a Pro with over 20 years of experience. The woodworking expertise in the course is derived from two decades of operating a furniture-making studio. The author has pursued extensive studies in fine woodworking he is willing to share with you.



Learn about assorted joinery used in making furniture. Learn the importance of selecting the correct joinery for your woodworking project. This and many more topics are covered in the Woodworking Course.

Woodworking Course
Display Cabinet

Display Cabinet

Display cabinet plan available. Build this eye-catching display cabinet using veneered panels of highly figured woods. Learn how to make dovetails in the process. This plan will introduce you to both basic and advanced woodworking.

Display Cabinet Plan


What advantage is there to downloading these tutorials and woodworking classes?

The courses, tutorials and plans are developed in a simple to understand format with considerable detail and video. The step by step sequences are filled with photos and video of the steps being discussed. These sequences are skills developed and used in my own furniture making studio over a period of many years. The woodworking course is a 37 lecture video series explaining the woodworking topics you need to get going at woodworking! Magazine articles are short and books are out there but it means finding the right book when you need it with detailed information you need, when you need it. WoodSkills offers online, downloadable tutorials and courses which instantly provide you the information you need to be able to continue with a project or begin learning a skill now.

What if I don't find what I am looking for at the WoodSkills web site?

The selection of tutorials, plans, and woodworking courses is constantly increasing. We suggest you revisit the WoodSkills site periodically to check for an updated list of tutorials, plans and classes. We also accept suggestions on woodworking courses, tutorials and other information we can provide. We can develop a tutorial if there is enough demand for a particular woodworking skill.

I noticed some articles and tutorials do not have a buy button?

We include some free articles and tutorials as part of the selection of available tutorials. These are typically short and we are glad to offer them for free to help in the skill building of woodworkers and furniture makers. We can also be contacted for any assistance necessary with a particular sequence we offer through WoodSkills.

If I want more hands-on instruction, where can I go to get this?

You can attend short woodworking classes at community schools where you live or you can plan to attend the Refined Edge Design studio. We offer one on one instruction with as many as two students per session. A typical session usually runs for one week of consecutive weekdays. Having as few as two students per week long session allows the instructor to give you his complete focus. The learning curve is greatly speeded up using this approach. An example of a week-long session would be "How to Make Dovetails", "How to Create Joinery", "Selecting and Preparing Wood for Furniture Making". For further information about attending the Refined Edge Design studio, please contact us at the email provided.

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